Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm watching basketball

Well, not really. I'm blogging, but Chris is watching. So I have some new pictures to put on that I know you've all been waiting on the edge of your seats for, biting your nails. I went to my fondant class yesterday and we all made our very own disney princess/old woman doily cake. It would never be something I would make on my own- not really my style. But it was good to learn all the techniques it involved- making bows, quilting, plunger flowers, roses, ruffles, and just covering the cake in general! I had a ton of fun! There was 6 of us in the class, so we all talked and got to know each other all day. I sat by Irina- who's daughter was there to interperet for her. We thought she only spoke Russian, but then her daughter left and she was talking our ears off! We loved her- plus, she was a rose wizard! She was whipping those things out left and right. They were the hardest part, but definitely the most fun. The completed product:

After my class, I went and watched the Elder's Quorum do a home-run derby. Yes, I was the only wife to go watch, and yes I felt stupid being at all elder's quorum activity, and yes, it was absolutely freezing outside, but it was way fun to watch them! Plus, I got to embarrass Chris by cheering for him when he hit 4 out of the park :)

Derek is in our ward and in Chris' program with him. He graduates this year and he and his wife, Lauryn, just had a new baby! It is really funny to see him holding his tiny newborn, because he's about 6'10". He's a pretty large guy- but definitely one of the nicest people in the world. He looks like a pro with his boston jersey :)

After the derby, the guys all came over with their wives, and we ate tons of good food and played games. We really love our new ward and they've made us feel super welcome. The best thing about a new ward is getting to know all the different personalities. There's 2 couples who have about 4 kids each, that one night after putting all their kids in bed, came and toilet papered us. One of the ladies was laughing when she said, "Our kids have no idea where we go at night." I believe we'll fit in nicely in this ward :)

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