Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i'll admit it. i'm a horrible updater.

I know. I just noticed it had been a good 6-7 months since I've last blogged. What can I say? I'm flighty. So! Since last time, I'll try to hit the highlights of what has gone on. I don't remember October. November? We had Thanksgiving dinner at Samgie's (Sam and Angie) new house! 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, swimming pool, it has the works. BUT didn't have a finished basement. Enter: Chris. It started out as concrete:

And he made it into this!

He framed, put up walls and ceilings, knocked down other walls, installed stuff for a future surround sound system, and most importantly: MADE ME A WALK-IN CLOSET. Oh, I guess this is the part where I tell you that he was refinishing the basement so we could rent it from Samgie :) As if you couldn't guess from the pictures. So that's where we are living! I think we have some aversion to the light of day. When we lived in Logan right after we got married, we lived in that little basement apartment, moved to Spokane and his parent's basement, and then we rent Samgie's basement. I hope someday we get to enjoy windows... Anyway, here are some more construction pics for you to enjoy! Ps, I helped a lot. I'm a good helper.

He had a lot of dust in his hair and beard in this one!

I'm a Good painter.

I just thought this one was kinda hot. Power tools: Rawr.

Around the time he started on the basement, Chris also took on another project. He was assistant coach for the JV basketball team for Mead High School, where he graduated from. He had so much fun being Coach Dodd and he came home from practice every night with stories for me. We invited them over one Saturday to watch a basketball game and they ended up staying for over 10 hours. We had so much fun and I kicked all their behinds in Wii sword fighting :)

This is only half of all the boys that were there. I febreezed after ;)

For Christmas, we went to Idaho and spent it with my family! Everyone was there, except Ady J, who spent the holidays with Jen's family in Tejas! We missed him lots, but I'm sure he did have a nice sunshiny holiday. For my birthday, I got fired from my dance teacher job, but got a promotion at the doctor's office, so it worked out! I still miss my girls, but I'm planning on going to the recital to see them perform.

Man, have you ever tried to remember 7 months worth of activities at one time? I'm struggling.

Around February, I decided I wanted to learn how to decorate cakes, so I've been trying my hand at that, and found that I LOVE IT. I am signed up for classes in May and a fondant class this month, but this is what I have done so far:

For Sam's birthday, I wanted to make him a cake with a motorcycle, but I'm a procrastinator, and a weird car with AstroBoy is the only thing I could come up with at the last moment. So I made it look like Astro-Sam was running over a bunny while his bunny girlfriend looked on in horror. Also, I wanted to practice my piped grass. I think it turned out pretty ok.

This is my Shelley friend! We made Janice, a girl we worked with, a cake for her going away party. It had a twinkie underneath the fondant. If you look close, you can see the bump :) I painted on the tiger stripes and a tattoo with Janice's name in it. Rawr.

This was Chris's birthday cake. My very first cake ever. He wanted chocolate and I gave him chocolate boobs instead!

Shelley and I made cakes for Doctor's appreciation day for the physicians we work with. This one was Doctor Hardy's. He is going to be my doctor when I am afflicted by the pregnancy virus.

Fishy face Hardy.

Dr. Havin's cake. He is from St. Louis and loves the cardinals. Coincidently, doctor's day coordinated nicely with the Cardinal's season opener game! Dr. Havin also likes the show Mad Men, so we had to decide between a baseball hat, and a figure of him with a fedora, gin in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. We decided this was more appropriate to share with his young family at home.

The last two cakes are my favorites! The jelly-bean-pooping sheep was for Dr. Mckenna. He has one of those little toys that you push on the body and jelly beans fall out his behind. So we made a cake version. I love his googaly eyes most :) Eat your heart out Michelle!

My other favorite was for Dr. Cathcart. Her favorite color is purple and she is always talking about her purse, therefore, we made her a purple purse. Make sure you look at the zipper! I loooove the zipper!

So those are my latest attempts at a hobby. We all know how flighty I am, but I feel really good that this hobby will stick, because I love it so much and could do it at home when I have little ones of my own.

Best news for last I suppose: WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE TO BE SEALED TOGETHER FOREVER!!! We are so blessed in our daily lives. We have a beautiful place to live, we have more than enough food, great jobs, and haven't had to worry too much about money. But even after all of those blessings, Heavenly Father blesses us more with a miracle. I feel so grateful for families and friends who love and support us and who have said too many prayers to count. They worked. Heavenly Father answered all our prayers. Chris and I have both dreamed of this since we were young and it is finally going to happen! We would love to have everyone who can make it to come with us. We don't know for sure when it will be yet, but you better believe I will keep you posted on this issue :) Thank you thank you thank you everyone who has prayed so hard for us. We love you!


  1. Im so glad you finally posted! Congrats on EVERYTHING! The cakes are awesome, the new basement pad is super cute (we have the same couches!), sounds like your job is wonderful, and you get to go to the temple! Im so happy your life is going so great! Miss you muches.

  2. Cousin Annie! I love your cakes, I've always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes and cookies(like your mom!) I'm glad to hear everything is going well for you and Chris! Congrats on being sealed, please let us know we would love to come!!

  3. Oh annie! I want to come! let us know when it is!

  4. About dang time girl! I am so happy for you guys! I wish you had picked up on that hobby a year ago and you could have decorated my weddin cake! I could have been your first client! Oh well, it will just have to be a baby 2 years of so! I love you more than words can say and I miss you more than my heart will allow. Im glad you are safe and happy and loved. xoxo my little doody dodd

  5. ok wow! Finally you updated it! and WOW love the cakes! you should make a video to show us HOW you make them! cute basement! I am so excited that you and chris are getting sealed! Sooo Exciting. It looks like you guys are happy! Write me or something. :) love you annie.
    p.s. just incase you forgot me. this is your friend charly (cook)

  6. All I can say is LOVER YOUR STINKING FACE!

  7. Wow you are seriously talented. I love the sexual cakes, mostly because I am a pervert. Congradulations on getting sealed. That is exciting. We got married civally and then in the temple a year later. Because of the week days it had to be 2 days later than our anniversary. My husband always asks which one we should celebrate, and I tell him the day we got married. Duh. It's a neat blessing.