Friday, May 22, 2009

Holy Crow!

You guys! I'm so dang excited! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ok, let me slow down for a New York Minute. For such a long time I've wanted to write a book. I love writting and I love books. What could be a more perfect thing for me? However, I've been struggling with WHAT to write about. Of course I have lots of personal stories that mean a lot to me, but how do you sell a book about a 21 year old mormon girl that's had a pretty much normal life? ZZzzzz... Ya... don't think that would be a best seller. So I had an "AHA!"

moment today while I was driving to work. I want something that will appeal to a large audience (think Twilight) and something I can tie in with my personal experiences, of course (makes for easier writting). So here is what I came up with in the car. A cute college girl falls in love with a handsome college boy. Big deal right? Here comes the twist.... He's an undercover secret agent for the government, posing as a student while trying to bust a ring of proffesors gone bad! BOOM!!

Did your brain just explode? I know, I know. I'm just good. It doesn't sound that crazy right now, but I promise, it will be so great. Here's what I want it to be: Romantic, suspensful, FUNNY, and somehow for it to develop into a series that women across the world will be skinning librarians to get their manicured hands on! Oh and don't you worry, kids. Each of you will get a personally signed copy. From your local bookstore. You silly! Did you really think I'd give out free books? Bah. If I gave them out to all my friends, who would buy them? Think about it.

Wow. An actual update fit for blogging!

This just in. After being together for 5 months, we're calling it quits. KIDDING! But Chris is moving to Blackfoot while I stay in Logan. There are absolutely no jobs in Logan, and after being layed-off and not finding work here, My Uncle Larry offered him a job in Pingree, ID! Woot Woot! And I have a good job here at the law firm, so I'm staying. It'll only be for 2 1/2 months and then we move to Spokane for grad school, so I think we can survive one summer! It's nothing like last year for example :) We'll be able to see each other every weekend, and this will be an awesome excuse to hang out with my mom all summer before I move 10 hours away from her and my fluffy haired daddy! :( But I think my mom and I are going to re-do their bedroom for a summer project! She gets bored of things pretty easily, like her hair cut, or old clothes, or her decorating. Hmm.. so that's where I got that! You can thank my mom for that, Chris. Anyway, the point is this: I'm going to be a very sad and lonely girl without my best friend here with me (see image above) so my Logan friends, let's do something fun and distracting maybe? Yes, sounds like a plan.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My U.A.

This happened about 2 months ago, and I can't believe I forgot about it until now (Thanks Tierra). So I get hired on as a receptionist at a really nice law firm. One of the conditions of going from being a temp to completely hired was that I take a drug test and it comes back clean. So begins our adventure. I drive to the local health department and walk in the lobby. With a name like "the health department" you would think the conditions wouldn't make you feel itchy, would you? hm... that's weird. So here I sit, well, really kind of squat above my chair, while they process my papers at about two miles an hour. Looking around, I feel slightly out of place. I might be the only one who doesn't have a sample of someone elses urine in a ziplock stuffed down their pants. Finally it's my turn. I'm escorted by a woman who is the size of a twelve year old to the "bathroom", which is more like a broom closet with a toilet. As the door clicks shut ominously behind her, I smell the cheese curds she horked down earlier on her breath as she says, "Have you ever had an observed U.A.?" ... A what? Observed did she say? This is when I notice the mirrors placed strategically around the toilet for maximum viewing pleasure, the fridge standing in the corner, waiting to welcome my bodily fluid into it's cold embrace, and the observer/child snapping on a pair of latex gloves. I don't think I was really planning on this today. I wish this was the point where it got interesting, but actually what happened was that I said, "I'm not really comfortable with you watching me pee." The woman-child left to talk to the front desk and returned to tell me I would be ok going potty on my own like a big girl. The ending is pretty anti-climactic, but at least I don't feel violated... from this experience. The End.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just one reason

One of the things i love most about my suger momma is that she is trusting and confident in me. She is always building me up and keeping me going. She puts her confidence and continually tells me I'm good enough and that i can succeed at anything. Without her id be nowhere. the problem is that i cant tell her enough how much she means to me, i just cant find the words. so i failing try with my actions. I hope she will understand one day. love you baby

The Beginning of Our Story

I’m cute in a little sister kind of way. Catchy smile, freckles, HOT body. ;) Of course, it helps that I’ve been spending every day this summer working on my tan. But nothing that would stop you in your tracks and make you remember me for weeks kind of cute. So here I am at the pool, covered up in shorts and a tank, so as not to make people wonder what I’m thinking wearing that skimpy bikini. And I catch this guy looking at me. And he’s no ordinary guy, friends. He’s got that Abercrombie model meets Mr. America meets boy next door meets mysterious super hero thing going on. He’s got these mission impossible sunglasses on looking like he just stepped out of GQ while he’s casually lying on his blue blow up floaty boat. Oh, and his tan six pack is staring me right in the eyes. I’m sure he’s just loving how my jaw is lying on the ground while drool is slowly leaking out of the corner of my mouth. I’m hiding behind harry potter #4 as well as I can while not blocking my view of Secret Agent Man. I come to my senses as I figure his stare is probably due to some leftover frosting clinging to my face from my earlier secret snack session and return to my fantasy world where boys don’t break my heart. Cut to later that night. Still engrossed in Harry’s struggle with inner loneliness, there comes a knock at the door. I’m home alone, so of course I’m the one who prepares to fend off some home teachers. But don’t worry, here I am opening the door with no make up, bangs accidently trimmed to the quick about an hour earlier, in my pajamas, and with harry in hand and who is it? Only the gloriously tan James bond from the pool. I invite him in graciously and hope he doesn’t hear my heart beat echoing off the walls. We talk about music and birthdays and school and candles and roommates, until it’s 2 am. I mention that it’s late, giving him an excuse to escape without hurting my feelings and he thinks I’m trying to kick him out! I tell him that’s not what I meant and touch his arm, the first physical contact of the night. I just know my entire face is in flames and I get that anxious feeling. He sticks around, not just for my emotional benefit, but he really wants to stay. With me! He’s actually enjoying my company. About five minutes later, he’s making up a b.s. math equation that says it’s ok if we date, that I’m not too young for him and he’s not too old for me. I play along, flipping my hair and batting my eyes as I sit on the kitchen table. Let's just fast forward- we’re in my bedroom now. He’s laying down on my bed and I’m sitting up near his head, and he calls me chicken for not laying down with him. Oh- I’ll accept your dare Mr. Dodd. No one calls me a chicken and get’s away with it. Feeling a little like a scarlet woman, I lay down with a foot of space between us. That’s quite a feat when you’re in a twin size bed. I think I’m lying more on the wall than on the bed. For hours we’ve been talking and talking. There’s been no awkward pauses, not even a split second of silence. I’m sure I’ve already told him my life story, nasty family secrets and all, and none of it has made him cringe, or run away. He is listening and telling me what he is thinking and all the while staying so cool while I’ve been laughing like that crazy girl you knew in high school who had braces and wore a fanny pack and soaking my shirt through with nervous sweating. meanwhile I’m only getting the surface story from him. What his favorite music is, his major, how many siblings, hometown, favorite sports. And don’t worry, this whole night he’s been telling me how much I want to kiss him and that it will happen despite the fact that I’ve been telling him that I don’t kiss someone the first day I meet him. And suddenly I find him impossibly close. How did this happen and why do I have this stupid smile on my face while my stomach is doing flips? And I know I’m about to cave. You know you want me to kiss you he breathes onto my lips, staring straight in my eyes. Wow this kid is forward! Ask me if I love it. And now the lips I’ve been staring at all day and night are millimeters from mine ... And so begins a year of running and giving in and more running and finally caving. I do!!

What to call this one... Life? Good? Blessings?

Can I just tell you how amazingly blessed I am? I grew up with my best friends; my family. I could tell my parents anything and everything knowing that they would never judge me or love me any less. My brothers teased me mercilessly and I knew that was their way of saying I love you. I grew up knowing who I was, never doubting for a minute that my Heavenly Father loved me and believed in me. I fell in love with the man dreams are made of. My daddy raised me to settle for nothing less than being treated like a princess and that's precisely what Chris does. He's my best friend. I wish there was a stronger word than love. It seems too cliche for what I feel about him. Now, feeling how blessed I am, why me? When there are so many people out there who are scared of their fathers, or husbands, or making ends meet, or feeling so alone they wish they were anyone else. More than anything, I would love to help someone be happy they are who they are. I hope someday when I'm a mother, that I can raise my kids to be themselves. I want them to be comfortable with who they are. I want them to feel like they're loved every second of the day. I want them to be good people. And I want them to know that being good isn't hard. All you have to do is be kind. Smile, say sincerely nice things, always think the best of people, be optimistic. Be happy. Being good is being genuinely happy. And when you're happy, it's easy to be good. That's really all I want from life. Just to be good.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hi my name is chris and im am a virgin blogger i just got accepted to Gonzaga University so i am very very excited!!! Fun whales make awesome lipstick... tuna casserole makes you strong.... and good sex goes a long way

I'm married to a Super Hero.

I shall dub him Captain LionSkull. And while we're on the subject, I might as well tell you why my blog even has lions involved and then we'll get back to the Hero thing. Ever since I met Chris, he has reminded me of a lion and I fondly call him this sometimes. I don't know why. It might be from reading too much Harry Potter. You know how they talk about Animagus' in there? Well after reading the series about 10 times, you start bluring the wizarding world with the real world. Well... I do anyway. So, Animagus' can turn into animals, but when they are in their human form, they sort of resemble the animal they can change into. This is my theory of my husband. Ok, back to the original topic. Yes, I am married to a Super-Hero, despite your doubts. I can't tell you what his costume looks like or else you'd know what Hero he was and his secret identity would be blown. But I can tell you that his powers are the following: Perpetual Allergies, an intense dislike for any green veggies, some serious dancing skills, the power to sleepwalk all night and wake up exhilaratingly refreshed (while I roll out of bed looking like some dirty animal you pulled out of your crawl space, with much snarling and gnashing of teeth), incredible cleaning powers, the ability to enjoy a really chicky flick, and horking down no-bake cookies at an inhuman rate, among others. Then there are all the other SuperPowers he has, like making my insides melt when he kisses me, but that's all too mushy for a blog. I'll spare you.

Here goes nothin'

So I'm not quite sure how this works...I'm new to blogging. Only seen the photography kind so we'll see how this goes! Hi my name is Annie and I'm an alcoholic... I mean.... I'm new to blogging. Yay! My first entry!