Saturday, September 26, 2009

A whole summer's worth of updates.

Alright, since I'm horrible about updating the blog, I'm finally going to give you a breakdown of everything that has happened since June! Before we moved, we got to go to Boise and spend a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa Dodd's house with a lot of Chris's family. The ladies' brought a fun craft thing to do, but the guys ended up using the supplies for entertainment on the kids:Ry-fry cut her hair off and it is super cute! She looks about 18 years old now, though.We said goodbye to our first little apartment as a married couple, and I was so sad about it. Still am actually. Even though it smelled like mold, and when it rained, cats, I was so in love with our little basement! I got to take a few pictures before we left so I will never forget it:
This is me taking a shot of Logan as I'm driving and holding the camera out the window. And yes, I was crying.Chris and I are giving our little table an update. We started probably the first week in August, but still have not finished. I painted, he stained, and we just have the tiling left to do!

As maybe you know, Chris is randomly OCD about cleaning. Sometimes he gets in the mood to clean, and then you just get out of his way or you'll be knee deep in clorox. This was one of his targets. We're blaming Jeremy, as it is his territory. This was behind a couch we pulled away from the wall. Chris was covered head to foot in dust bunnies and he smelled like rubberbands.

Sam, Angie, Trudy, and I went to Fiddler on the Roof one night. It was Topol's last tour of the show and apparently a huge deal, as he is the original Tevya. So we scored free tickets from Sam and Angie's source and we went while Bob, Chris, and Spencer went to Jeremy's football game. Maybe I shouldn't mention that during the applause at the end of the show, Trudy yelled, "Take it off!" at Mr. Topol. I'll admit, he was quite handsome for being 247 years old.

These are a few pics of Jeremy's football games:

My cousin, Brooke, got married a couple weekends ago in Missoula, Montana. Jon and Alysen drove from Portland and picked us up so we could carpool with them the rest of the way. We had such a great time watching everyone dance! My mom and dad, Jon, Kris Bahr, Uncle Steve, Brooke's "fabulous" friend who looked like he should be dancing on top of a bar in a speedo, and a couple in their 80's who were dancing so exhuberantly that I was absolutely certain their hips weren't original.
#1 Alysen, my sis-in-law!
#2 Daddy. Don't let him fool you: Even though he had a late night the night before, he managed to cut a rug to my mom's request- My humps by the Black Eyed Peas.
#3 My adorable Mom!
#4 Jonny, my brother who always looks like this.
#5 Kris Bahr, my cousin/brother who enjoyed the carmeled apple favors immensely.
#6 Me and Beef-Cakes.

So those were some of the highlights! Chris is going to Gonzaga for his master's and is LOVING IT, coaching Spencer's AAU basketball team, The Little Zags, teaching a weights class, and an x-biking class, and playing basketball any hour of the day a pick-up game is going on. (Right this second, he is passed out next to me, mouth wide open, so you know he's a little tuckered out from all that physical activity!) I have two amazing jobs that I love! I job share with another girl (which means we split a full time position between the two of us) at a OB/GYN clinic, working as a receptionist. I love the people I work with (mostly) and I love how fast-paced it is! However, I've worked at a lot of offices, and these people are more high-strung than any other office I've worked at. I want to just tell them to R.E.L.A.X. They take life waaay too seriously. Hopefully a little of my laziness will rub off on them. Heaven knows they need it. I also work at a dance studio manning the front desk and teaching a couple of classes! I have 7-9 year old's hip-hop, and 4-5 year old's jazz! I love the other teachers and the studio owner, Lisa, is so great. Very down to earth and on top of everything, but still very chill. I am so happy to be back in the dancing world! Lisa has asked the other hip-hop teacher, Courtney, and I to start working on a hip-hop duo to compete with this spring in the adult catagory. She thinks that it will be good advertising for the studio and good morale for the girls we teach. I'm a little nervous, but of course I'm super excited!

So that's our life since we've moved up to Spokane! We're still staying with Bob and Trudy, but we're trying to save so we can get out of their hair soon.

Just be expecting more frequent updates from now on, as I will NEVER spend another hour in one space of time on this stupid blog.


  1. Very glad you updated! I needed to know what was going on with you! Glad you're having fun!

  2. Cute pictures! It was good seeing you guys this summer! I hope you're doing good in Spokane! Love ya XOXO

  3. Hey this is Kendra, I am related some how. I found your blog again and added it to mine. Hope you don't mind. Cute pictures btw.