Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Prologue: I wanted to put some pictures on this from our camping and such, but I lost the cord to plug our camera into the computer. sorry.

In church on Sunday, the young women spoke about their father's and how amazing they were. All their secrets and strengths and quarks were brought out and we laughed and cried. I thought of my own daddy and how much he means to me. He told me once how he went to my 3rd grade parent-teacher conference. A concerned Mr. Alder told him that I had loudly bragged in class once, "All I have to do is give my daddy a kiss and he'll give me anything I want!" Mr. Alder was taken back when dad said, "Ya? Do you have a problem with that?" Oh dear. No wonder I'm spoiled rotten. No, that's not why I love my daddy. It's because he is, in a word, extraordinary. He is strong, kind, silly, handsome, intelligent, intuitive, adored, beautiful, tough, spiritual, bubbly, fluffy-haired, and in my Aunt Kathy's case: worshipped. He is Sunshine. He can write things in an incredibly beautiful way that people can't even find words for in their mind. He is the best teacher I've ever had. He loves EVERYONE. And I mean every single person. He taught me that everyone has something special about them, everyone is beautiful, and everyone is a brother or sister. He is absolutely incredible. A lot of little girls say this, but it's true when I say it: My daddy is the best daddy in the whole entire universe!

I googled him to find a picture of him- as good as he looks here, I wanted to find one with his beard in it. No dice. He's so cute here, but in person he's absolutely adorable!

Now onto the future daddy in my life, Christopher! I couldn't help thinking this Father's day of him. It melts me to even think of the day when he becomes a daddy. This is how I see it in my mind. I'll be sitting in that hospital bed with a precious, tender, little gift in my arms. Chris will be sitting next to me in the bed, one arm around me and the other arm around mine, cradling our sweet little baby. I can't describe to you the look on his face, but I can see it. I can't tell you the feeling I'll have, but I can feel it a little now, imagining it. I'm overwhelmed. It feels like my heart is brimming and smoldering. Both of us will have tears streaming down our cheeks and I will feel like I want to shout and never speak again at the same time. Never will I want that feeling to go away and it will be like it's just us in the world. We are the center of the universe and everything else has stopped to give us our own moment to be in wonder. This is me only imagining and I am simply overwhelmed. It will be absolutely unreal when that day actually comes. Chris will step into his new role with easy grace. He might feel completely uncapable and unconfident, but from the outside you will know he was born to be this man. This child's world. And he will be. Just like my daddy is my sunshine, Chris will be the light for our child. And he'll cry his eyes out watching our little one singing with the other Primary Kids on Father's Day. I can't wait! Well, I CAN wait, but I'm excited :)

On another note, I'll tell you about our crazy weekend! Chris got down to Logan around 3 o'clock and we started getting everything ready to go camping! We loaded up the truck with pallets and candy mostly, then headed up to Porcupine Dam. Jamie and Derek, Mallory and Brady, Kelsey, Jade, Melissa, and about 5 other people met us up there. We had chili dogs for dinner and sat around the fire drinking pop and eating garbage until about midnight, when Chris deemed the rocks ready! That means the rocks he put in the fire 5 hours ago are hot enough for the "Sweat Lodge"! I don't know if you've ever heard of this, but w.o.w. It's a home-made sauna/torture chamber. Made of PVC pipe and tarps tied down, about 10 people can fit inside. You dig a pit in the middle of the "tent" and put the hot rocks in the pit. Then make sure any holes to the outside world are sat on so no cold air can come in, and the fun/torture begins. A few people have buckets of water and they splash the rocks. Hot steam spews and your eyes start burning. Then the sweat starts. My hair was soaked and my nose was literally a faucet on high. Mallory and I cheated- we lifted up the tarp enough to get a few breaths of blessed oxygen before the boys noticed the cold air coming in. When we thought we couldn't take it anymore, Chris passed out the ice cold Cream Soda's that tasted like clouds. Honestly, they were glorious. I've never tasted anything better. Then came the cries of "Do it!", "Man Up!", "GET IT!" and the buckets dumped everything they had left. It took about 4 seconds before everyone was moaning and screaming like they were on a slave ship. We ripped the tarp open and everyone (almost) made a mad dash to the lake. The "almost" was me. After everyone dried off a bit, we retired to sleep. Ha. Our tent was a "two-man". What a joke. Maybe if the two men in question were twelve year old girls. SO SMALL. We didn't sleep a wink. The next day consisted of 2 nap sessions, a trip to the new Beehive Grill (which was fabulous), and a midnight movie- The Proposal (also fabulous). Somewhere in there, we fit in Singing in the Rain, and five episodes of Entourage. Sunday consisted of church, breakfast for lunch (a Sunday tradition), another nap, finishing Entourage season 1, Rounders, and a walk. Such a good weekend. Even the Sweating Torture Lodge.

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