Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our weekend.

I know you are all thinking, "Oh Annie! What did you and Chris do this weekend? I just can't live without knowing! I can't believe you would wait clear until Tuesday to even give us a hint!" Calm down, my friends. I know you live vicariously through our crazy, some may say extraordinary, lives, but we DO have things to do and sometimes I just don't have enough time in the day to keep up the blog for your entertainment. Ok, I'll cut the crap now. Wanna hear what we did this weekend? Too bad, I'm telling anyway. So, for our first week apart, I did ok- I thought. This first night I had nightmares and didn't sleep at all, but the rest I just had nightmares and slept great, so I think it will get better with time! I'm trying to be tough :) So when Chris got home Friday night, we rented a movie and ate all the garbage I baked for him and just enjoyed being together again. Saturday, we bought a camera!!! I would show you a pic, but how do you take a picture of your camera with the same camera? We took pictures all morning, at the house, at the temple, and some of Marilyn (his motorcycle).

I really hate taking pictures, but I wanted a camera, so I just tried to suck it up and put on my glamorously photogenic face :) So that night we went to dinner with my brother, Bo, and his wifey, Michelle. We ate at Noodles and Co. So dang good.After Noodles, Chris and Bo watched Game 6- i think Labron against Howard? Chell and I had our books out, but couldn't concentrate very well with the loud comments from the boys :) Then on Sunday, it was Stake Conference, so Chris and I skipped and decided to go for a hike! We drove the bike all the way (met up with about 40 bikers and rode with them through the canyon. I, personally, felt exceptionally cool to be in a biker gang for about 20 minutes) to Tony's Grove before the rain started- it felt like little bullets- so we turned around, leaving our new found friends and headed back to hike to the Wind Caves! I am the biggest baby kitty whiner. Poor Chris. This is me: I have a rock in my shoe. How long is this going to take? This gets my belly when I look over the edge. Don't make me stand by the ledge- I feel like it's going to reach up and pull me down! I don't want to climb that cliff! I'm scared, Chris! Wow, he had it bad. We made it home, with many mumblings under my breath, and got ready for game night at Mallory and Brady's! We played a game called Dirty Minds- it gives you dirty clues to guess a clean word. I won't give an example :) It was super fun except after awhile, my body started acting weird. I'm assuming the hike set it off, but we have some other theories too. It's happened before, but it hurt all over, way painful, and I wanted to go home. So we went home and I cried while Chris tried to distract me by reading me the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It really did distract me. It was so beautiful, and I felt the Spirit more than I ever had reading it in English. So now I'm going to make him read to me every weekend. So that was it! Very eventful and we had a great time together. I love being with him every minute, even those few seconds when he drives me up the wall :) Just kidding, boo. You are so perfect that you never drive me up the wall....wait......gum.


  1. Oh my heck Annie! I am so glad that I know what you and Chris did this weekend!!! Phew...all is right now! Too cute! You guys are precious. Keep having fun, we love you!

  2. I Love reading your blog!!! Keep working on that book..